Tippy Agogo live one-man polyrhythmic orchestra - Pawn Shop, Edmonton, AB

Tippy at the Pawn Shop, Edmonton AB
(Creep forward is) "... eighteen unique tunes... from the 12-minute-long 'Myth of the Spanish Fly' to the goth rock of 'I-Arabesque'... no matter the genre, it's always slightly off-kilter in good ways." - Stuart Derdeyne The Province, Vancouver

Nov 2012 - Amoeba Collective (Tippy & Bill Bourne)

Mar 2008 - Creep Forward

Jul 2007 - Creep Forward EP

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Busted Flat Records


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Scratch Records


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Amoeba Collective (Tippy Agogo & Bill Bourne)
Creep Forward by Tippy Agogo
Creep Forward Demo by Tippy Agogo
Nov 2003 - In the Groove (Book with supplimentary music)
 A Guide to Interactive Music Making by Tippy Agogo

Jan 97 - Holy Crow

Holy Crow by Tippy Agogo

Jan 96 - Incantos

Incantos by Tippy Agogo

Jan 87 - Soul-o-works

Soul-o-Works by Tippy Agogo

Tippy has also collaborated with a host of other artists, and appears on the following releases:


2012 - Ameoba Collective - w/ Agogo, Bill Bourne, Madagasgar Slim, Tom Mennier, Michelle Joseph, Darryl Neudorf

2007 - Creep Fwd EP

1997 - Holy Film Demo - Sound Design & Film Score

1996 - Music for Passing Over in Silence Toward Nuit - Aurora Sutra w/ Rodney Orpheus

1996 - Indian Dream - Vocals and percussion for TV Series

1993 - Old Age Music - Independant Demo/Pre-production

1992 - In the Metro (Let's not Fight) - Compilation CD

1991 - Gnu Age Music to Make Peace By - Independent Cassette

1991 - New Age Music to make Love By - Independent Cassette

1991 - Come to Carmanah (Song for Sounds of out Voices) - Compilation

1990 - Witch 1/2 - Save Howe Sound - Compilation

1986 - Barbed Wires - Independent Demo

Tippy's records change from album to album. In fact, no two songs on any album are alike, as are no two shows! Agogo, like his name, jumps from genre to genre, like a monkey from tree to tree; as he puts it, "Know Genre".

        "The first thing that struck me was, maybe if BECK was a children's entertainer. But I think you're a peoples' entertainer and the music really speaks to all ages."
        – Dan Cherwoniak, "Key of A", CBC Radio 1 (on "in the groove" book/CD)

        " enthusiastic world-hopping, instrument-inventing eccentric, either years ahead of his time, or several yards out of his mind."
        – Tom Harrison, Pacific Press

        " ... a tour de force of psychedelic textures, surging rhythms, and emotive singing that draws equally from progressive rock, contemporary dance music, and global folk stylings."
        – Alexander Varty, The Georgia Strait