"...Tippy Agogo has become a multifaceted musical powerhouse, a loop-happy singer, guitarist & junk percussionist whose on-the-fly improvisations are part scrap-yard soul, part psychedelic dream." - Alexander Varty, the Georgia Straight

B i o g r a p h y

Tippy warming up for Mile Zero Dance Company

TIPPY AGOGO, the "One Man Orchestra" & Mouth Musician, is known throughout the free world for making beautiful, scary, heavy, & insightful music on reclaimed tin cans, broken guitars, & racks full of technological gadgetry. He performs for children, punk rockers, folkies, metal heads, electro-heads, high brows, low brows, & all those in-between! TIPPY has five albums with notables, ( & a book, "in the gr00ve", adjudicated by the Royal Conservatory) : SOUL-O-WORKS, INCANTOS, HOLY CROW, CREEP FORWARD & the self titled debut album from his latest collaborative project, 'AMOEBA COLLECTIVE', & he appears on countless albums of other notable players & dj's!! His most recent solo album, Creep Forward (S-O-W II) is compiled from his sound design for theatre, film, & multimedia. Some of this work includes tracks from his award-winning "Lion in the Streets" & "The Oedipus Project", as well as live & studio recordings from his travels at home & abroad.

TIPPY has performed on albums with artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, SNFU, German Techno/Industrial Bands, Sun God, Aurora Sutra, Ed Ka-spel (Legendary Pink Dots), and a host of other famous people. He tours constantly. He wins awards for his soundtracks for film and theatre projects. He makes his mother proud.

"in the groove" is an instructional book & CD made for kids of all ages, including music educators, cultural programmers, parents, and teachers and was adjudicated by the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. It is issued in two editions; the first one has a CD with a limited edition of 500. A later edition is forthcoming. See the Kids page for more information about "in the groove".


Although quite independent, INCANTOS, his first fully realized album, received high acclaim on his past tours of the album.

HOLY CROW, his favorite long-playing EP, was created in response to a public demand for an album reflecting the street and dance club "Guerilla" shows at which TIPPY AGOGO simply sets up his instruments and performs solo, or with any skilled musicians, DJ's, and multimedia artists who happen to be nearby. On this disc, he is joined by Darryl Neudorf (Sarah McLachlan, 54-40, Neko Case, et al) on Keys, Arrangements, and Production, Ryan Moore (Animal Slaves, Legendary Pink Dots/Teargarden, Down Load/Skinny Puppy, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System) as Bass God/Backing Tracks, and the enigmatic Dick Doobin (Scum Element, Frightwig, etc.) on Production, WaveLab and Synch. And, of course, AGOGO himself, as Multi-cultural Mega-instrumentalist, Lexicon Manipulating, World-Trance-Industrial-Folk Rocker on Vocals, Percussion, "Pete" the trashed twelve string but strung with toaster wire, acoustic guitar, and anything else handy.

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TIP has shared stages as a special guest with such notable Canadian musicians as kd lang, Lester Quitzau, Bill Bourne, Stephen Fearing, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Alberta Slim, Corb Lund, CR Avery & Shane Koyczan (TOFU), Damo Suzuki (CAN), Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, Armand Vaillancourt, Martha Wainwright, Old Reliable, Darryl Neudorf and Tom Mennier. He has hosted Global Music stages with such diverse international performers as Jane Sibery, The Drummers of Bukino Faso, Celso Machado, Joachim Diaz (creating the "big jam"), and has toured with the likes of German bands Girls Under Glass, Rodney Orpheus and Sun God (Cassandra Complex), Norwegian bands the Real Ones and Ym Stammen, and many, many other fine acts, such as the pivotal Flemish scene both in pop, experimental and house music of the 90s.

TIP has also opened main stages for such greats as David Lindley, Dan Hicks, SNFU, Legendary Pink Dots, the Wailers, Bob Weir (Seva Benefit Concert), Elliot Gould (Edmonton Fringe), Sheri-D Wilson, Terry Jacks, Wavy Gravy, Tom Comet (Circus Orange) and the first North American show of Shonan Knife (Japan) - note the variety of performers!

Tippy started his work as an infamous mock-go-go dancer of k.d.lang, and is listed under Punk History Canada, as part of the mid-80’s punk rock scene, notably in Edmonton, playing with members from Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, Jr.Gone Wild, the Humane Drum Society, Down Syndrome, and 12 Midnite. He has always been, as the media puts it, ‘a one man orchestra’, and his groups have had from one to twenty people.

Also of note - Tippy held a popular stage at the North Country Fair, and is one of the original members of the Shambhala Music Festival, playing that fest every two years.

His music wide-scoped because he grew up with anthropologist/ethnomusicologist parents, living in many cultures, playing mostly his mouth, voice and throat, and an arsenal of homemade and traditional instruments. Later, Agogo got mixed up with the second generation of notable punk rockers and rebel music folksters, although his music had qualities somewhat more experimental, global industrial mix, slightly psychedelic and tinges of dub, no-wave, organic electronica and pure trad!